Brushstroke : our favourite brushes

We all have our unhealthy obsessions – mine just so happens to be makeup brushes. As a makeup artist, brushes are an essential part of my kit, some I’ve had since I first started out ten years ago. Really showing my age there aren’t I?! Still – these brushes continue to perform amazingly after all this time. I learned early on in my career to invest in good brushes even if it can hurt your wallet.



I was super excited to add Spectrum Collections to my arsenal of makeup brushes. I have been using them religiously this year for everything that I have been working on. These high quality brushes are made with synthetic hair that are soft to touch, blend immaculately, amazingly priced and are also vegan and cruelty free. You can choose from all different sets but the Bombshell one is my fave! Full size brushes that are handbag friendly to cater to all your powdering, blending and lining needs. It even comes in a cute bag you can take on your night out.

If you’re a makeup artist, makeup enthusiast or just love brushes, Spectrum Collections are the brand for you!


Words: Mary-Jane Gotidoc

Photos: Chris Jarvis