The Five Essential Mascara Brands for 2017

If there is one item in my makeup bag that I cannot live without  – it’s a little thing called mascara. Why, you say? Well, remember that one night out with the girls when you had an early meeting the next day and needed something to make your eyes look like you didn’t just have 3 hours sleep? Mascara. Remember that hot date you had when you needed your eyes to look extra sultry? Mascara. Or when you needed to transform your day time look to night time? Mascara. The list could go on but a little coat of mascara can instantly make your eyes pop – so ladies it is important to invest in a good one!

We rounded up 5 of our creulty-free favourites for 2017 that will accentuate, define and lengthen your lashes.


This mascara promises to lengthen and seperate your lashes for both subtle and more dramatized looks, and it really does! Your lashes will instantly look longer and fuller. Beautifully packaged and comes in shades black and milk chocolate.

Rosie for Autograph – Insta Lash

Perfect for daytime or nighttime, The Insta Lash gives your eyes that extra boost. Defines, lengthens and gives your lashes that exaggerated look. If it’s good enough for Rosie, it’s good enough for us!

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Full Fat Lashes a.k.a the multitasker  – will curl, lengthen, separate and volumize your lashes. The 5-grooved brush design coats each individual lash, emphasising even the shortest or finest lashes and does not smudge. Who says full fat isn’t good for you?!

Lush – Bewitched Mascara

While your shopping for your bath bombs, don’t forget to check out Lush’s makeup section and pick up their Bewitched mascara. Great for sensitive eyes, easy to apply and gives you long-lasting lustrous lashes without that clump!

The Balm – What’s Your Type? “the Body Builder” Mascara

The Balm have created 4 different “What’s Your Type” Mascaras – each made to please your particular needs. If you want your eyelashes to look jacked on your night out “the Body Builder” is the one for you – pumps up your lashes while the Vitamin E, Panthenol and Bamboo strengthen and conditions.


PhotographyTom Griffiths


Nicole: Dress – Otho London

Taylah: Tee – Models Own | Necklace – Tuza Jewelry

Vanessa: Rollneck – Edwin | Palos Ring – Tuza Jewelry

Ariana: Tee – Champion | Palos Ring – Tuza Jewelry

Anouck: Crop Top – Topshop | Shirt – Bethnals

Charlotte Tilbury (UK)