High Content relaunches today after a hiatus over Summer 16′ and on reflection for what we as an online publication aimed to do differently within the conversation of modern women. If anything, we’re sharing the people, topics and products that come up in our Whatsapp group and delivering it in editorial content to the rest of the internet.

So this August we return with our vision altered but not diluted. In here you’ll find new interviews, editorials and in addition, we introduce discussions to the site – thought pieces written from the minds of our contributors, everyday women. As well as this, we have been working hard to bring a new element to our lifestyle section, giving you our personal recommendations on places, spaces and products we all use and swear by.

As the site celebrates influential females – we have dedicated the relaunch to the original influencers in all our lives – mothers. The maternal icons who have influenced us – whether it be stumbling in their borrowed heels, tears of heartbreak on their shoulders, or just some motherly advice that make us the women we are today.