The Grind

High Content presents “The Grind” – getting your daily fix to make it through London life and hydrating the hustle of the city girl, one coffee at a time.

Photographer: Marcus Blaque

Styling, Makeup & Hair: Mary-Jane Gotidoc

Model: Maya G @ Named Models

Look 1) Shirt, T-Shirt, Jeans: Bethnals, Footwear: Saucony

Look 2) Hat: Noah, Jacket: Wood Wood, T-Shirt, Shorts: Bethnals, Bag: Sandqvist, Footwear: Saucony

Look 3) Jacket, Shirt: Penfield, Jeans: Bethnals, Bag: Sandqvist, Shoes: Saucony

Look 4) Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Jeans: Models own, Footwear: G.H. Bass