pam pam

I have an unhealthy habit of buying kicks… even if my flat lacks the space to hold any more, I always think there’s always room for another pair or five. This is due to “fear of missing out” from all the kicks that I didn’t buy in the past. I do however find it frustrating that there is a lack of female retailers that cater to my addiction of buying trainers – in fact that goes for buying apparel too… I am forever wanting things that don’t run in my size so I (along with my size 4 feet) was excited when pam pam opened the UK’s first female-only brick-and-mortar trainer store earlier this year in Bethnal Green.

Founders Bethany Heggarty and Rio Holland have crafted a space that brings all aspects of their lives into one store and offer opportunities for others to experience their ethos of enriching women’s lives. Whilst running a retail space containing brands like Reebok, New Balance, Adidas, Edwin and Carhartt WIP, you’ll also find yoga classes, creative workshops, culture focused events and music sessions all under this East London roof.

Looking for something more than just your wardrobe? They also stock jewellery from Hannah de Bruyn and a little something for your home too stocking Brooklyn’s woolenmilk ceramics. They’ve successfully created an environment that every women strives to be part of and there’s no doubt I’ll be subsiding part of my pay cheque in here each month, if just for a souvenir of that lifestyle.

Visit pam pam, 129 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 7DG


 Written by: Mary-Jane Gotidoc

Photography: Dom Fleming