High Content x Blanks Factory #OurBlanks

High Content and Blanks Factory teamed up to feature six females in the creative industry to show how their individuality styles the staple blank tee. Meet #OurBlanks Helen Gibson, Joy Matashi, Anna Ginsburg, Joey Yu, Katie Burdon and Alya Mooro who each produce highly visual, entertaining and hand-crafted works in the most innovative way.



High Content x Blanks Factor - Joey Yu



All-round creative Joey Yu’s work is especially driven by being unpredictable. With no set style, her unplanned approach to her art has seen her work with the likes of The New York Times, Tate and British Council. As well as creating her own work, the multidisciplinary creative also runs life drawing and art workshops for those who also share a love for the arts. Always on the move with sketchbook and assorted materials in hand, her illustrations are often inspired by observing the day to day world around her.

Social | Website: www.joeyyu.co.uk / Instagram: @itsjoeyyu


High Content x Blanks - Hells Gibson



A woman with a voice. Outspoken, unafraid, creative, and confident with her words. With an array of articles under her belt and working previously at Grazia and ES Magazine, Hells Gibson is is now picture editor for The Telegraph. When she’s not on shoots or running the Picture Desk, Hells also concentrates on her own art. Iridescent photography, tongue in cheek humour, text and illustrations of lust and longing.

Social | Website: www.hellsgibson.com / Instagram: @hellsgibson


High Content x Blanks Factory - Joy Matashi



Freelance hair stylist and architect major Joy Matashi counts Kelela, ASAP Rocky and Cosima among the list of people she has had the pleasure of working with. From the simplest to the most intricate, her approach to hair is fused by traditional Hausa braiding techniques and taking inspiration from architectural structures to implement/influence hair. Her Instagram boasts a collection of cultural documentation depicting her experiences in northern Nigerian and of course all things hair.

Social | Instagram: @joydarlinginnit


High Content x Blanks Factory - Katie Burdon



Through her exploration of the relationship between nature and women, the Cornish native’s ethereal and intimate images celebrating the female form at their most vulnerable represents a positive and healthy message for young women –  something that Katie feels that has been forgotten with the new age of social media. Her art sets to challenge the idea of what is perceived as perfection in the fashion industry and boost confidence and body image. Katie’s works can be seen in British Journal of Photography, Teeth Magazine and Bricks Magazine.

Social | Website: www.katieburdon.co.uk / Instagram: @katieburdon


High Content x Blanks Factory - Anna Ginsburg



‘Hunt me down and get me to make you something’ an animator in every sense of the word. Ginsburg’s work commands your gaze as a glance is simply insufficient to comprehend Anna’s voyeuristic style of animation. You may also be familiar with Anna’s Random Acts ‘Private Parts’ which illustrates (rather humorously and vibrantly) the semblance between genitalia and the mundanity of the everyday. Born and bred in London, Anna works across traditional hand drawn 2D, stop-motion, digital imagery and live-action. Her first music video for Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?’ saw her win a Bafta at the New Talent Awards. Her clients include Selfridges, Reebok, It’s Nice That and Burberry.

Social | Website: www.annaginsburg.co.ukInstagram: @annaginsburg


High Content x Blanks Factory - Alya Mooro



An emphasis on ‘Journal’- Alya draws mainly from her personal experiences and opinions in her pieces. With an impressive portfolio consisting of Grazia, Refinery29, Complex and The Telegraph to name a few, the freelance journalist’s expertise in expressing her opinions spans across fashion, lifestyle and social commentary. Her relationship with language and subject matter is unparalleled with many topics being somewhat controversial or taboo to some. The elegance of Alya’s writing lies within the relationship she has with language and conveying her views. It encompasses the informality of a conversation with a close friend, the informative aspect of a documentary and the empowering promise that her words need be said, better yet, read.

Social | Website: www.moorizzla.comInstagram: @moorizzla


Creative agency: LSB Studios

Photography: Laoye & Beeson


Makeup & Hair : Mary-Jane Gotidoc | Assistant : Grace Palton


Words by: Ayesha McMahon & Mary-Jane Gotidoc